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Green living has become more main stream.  As most homeowner spends a significant amount of money monthly on energy bills, it has become increasingly important for smart choices.   Hollander Homes designs and build homes that have Green characteristics.  We take a conscious steps to minimize our overall impact and protect the environment. For years Hollander Homes has built homes using maintenance free and energy efficient products.  By concentrating on Energy efficiency, Indoor Air Quality and our environment, we have developed Energy Star homes also Kitchen remodels that do just that. This all helps result in keeping our clients comfortable and helping to protect the environment.


Our mission is to build high-performance, sustainable homes that:

  • Are energy efficient.

  • Reduce water usage.

  • Have healthy indoor air quality.

  • Have a positive impact on our environment.

  • Conserve natural resources: water, trees, oil, natural gas, electricity.

  • Reduce pollution.

  • Reduce land fills.

  • Reduce utility consumption.

  • Improve durability and reduce maintenance.

  • Have increased indoor comfort.

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